Safety for Domestic Violence Victims


In recent decades, domestic violence (DV) has been brought to the forefront of many panel discussions and even a driving force for policymakers. Nonetheless, statistics show us that Domestic abuse and violence continue to be an epidemic of colossal proportions and we must address this issue affecting so many people, especially women and families living in low-income and minority communities.

To make matters worst, reports from 10 countries indicate that the majority of victims of DV who had been physically abused by an intimate partner have never sought support from non-government institutions or organizations offering supportive services. They are victims, victims of a terrible circumstance, of a betrayal of an intimate partner who they trust, of the silence of the majority, and above all, they have fallen victims of a system that has failed to protect them.

Today, Domestic violence continues to be the number one cause of injury to women, surpassing auto accidents, muggings, and rape combined. Our team wants to motivate our friends, neighbors, and anyone who cares to help provide direct assistance to victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence here in New Mexico. We hope to do so through our support of Haven House, an institution that provides support through crisis intervention, advocacy, information, support groups, and more so that survivors can feel empowered to break free from the vicious cycle of abuse.

Join us as we support this meaningful cause and bring attention to the importance of helping victims of DV survive this epidemic that threatens our communities and destroys our families.

When you refer a friend, family member, or co-worker to us for a no-obligation and FREE INSURANCE quote from us, we pledge to donate $10 on your behalf! It’s that easy!

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