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Critical Assistance for Abuse Survivors

New Mexico is experiencing a crisis of domestic violence. One in three women in New Mexico has experienced some form of domestic abuse, and nearly 7,000 children per year witness violence in the home. Worst of all, almost 60% of domestic abuse incidents in our state are never reported to law enforcement.

The Berger Agency is truly heartbroken by this crisis of abuse, and we are launching a relief campaign to offer critical assistance to survivors of domestic violence.

Bringing an End to the Violence

As dedicated Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange network, the Berger Agency team has always been committed to protecting the most vulnerable members of our community. Our goals during this campaign will be to meet the immediate needs of abuse victims, including food, temporary housing, counseling, and case management services. We will also be leading outreach efforts to attempt to change hearts and minds in the community and prevent future abuse.

Much needs to be done to cure the plague of abuse affecting our community, and we need your help to do it.

Important Ways to Help

The most important way you can assist during this campaign is to give us a chance to share information with other concerned members of the community. When you refer a close friend, co-worker, or loved one into the Berger Agency for a free insurance consultation, we will also give them details about this campaign. Then, we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local support center or program that provides assistance to survivors of domestic violence.

Please Join Our Team

Thousands of people in our community are in desperate need of assistance. Please join us, and let’s bring an end to domestic violence in Rio Rancho.


Jalene Berger

The Berger Agency

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