Meet Our Team

Jalene Berger
Agency Owner

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I’ve been managing everyday risks, protection, and retirement, for families in the Rio Rancho/Albuquerque area for 33 years. I grew up in Coldwater Michigan. I am a very proud graduate of The University of Michigan. I have the ability to make a difference in a family’s daily life and financial future. I really enjoy preparing gourmet meals and pairing them with fine wines. When I’m not working, I’m in the kitchen or working out to burn off my calorie intake! When I am not in the kitchen, I love to read motivational books. I feel so passionately about the amazing benefits that can be provided by having the knowledge of being properly protected now and in the future, that I conduct a monthly workshop regarding insurance and financial matters, with the victims of domestic abuse at Haven House.  

Suzanne Baca
Customer Sales Associate

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I have been with The Berger Agency for over 10 years now. I am the claim support specialist and service specialist. I will work to see that you are satisfied with your service experience at The Berger Agency. I am a native of Albuquerque very proud to call this beautiful community home. What excites me most when I am at work I making sure that the customer is happy with the service I have provided.
In my free time, I love to go to the lake, camping, fishing and hunting with my family and our puppy. We enjoy everything that would allow me to truly enjoy this wonderful place we all call home. Although I do love being outdoors and going on a great adventure with my family something many may not know is that I love to sew.

Tracie Montane
Licensed Sales Producer

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I’m originally from Gainesville, Florida, and attended the University of Florida… GO GATORS! I enjoy live music and the beautiful mountains New Mexico provides. I have been a sales producer for 22 years. Helping families manage their risks and offering them the best coverages possible is the most satisfying thing about my job. I love live music, the great outdoors, and watching my University of Florida Gators play football.

Kelly Segovia
Director of First Impressions

I grew up in a little community called Katishtya, the Pueblo of San Felipe, a federally recognized Native American Tribe located at the foot of the Black Mesa in the middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico. I speak multiple languages, including Keres as my primary language. Growing up, I went to school on the reservation and then transferred to a school called Algodones Elementary. I began to use English more to make school life in another town easier. I also developed an interest in the Mexican culture and decided to teach myself Spanish! Now, I can communicate with people from diverse backgrounds!

Coming into the insurance industry was like teaching a baby how to walk. I knew absolutely nothing, and this was going to be a challenge. I did know one thing, though: how much I loved to help people and be there when they needed me. Now, after over 5 years of experience, I have met so many great people who came in as strangers and left as friends with smiles on their faces. This is my ultimate joy: making others feel happy and secure.

In fact, the most exciting part of my coming to work is all the great people I get to meet!

As a working mother of 4, I am a busy bee during the week! I do love to spend my weekends doing family-oriented activities with my children. On a nice sunny day, you can catch me by the pool or in the Jemez mountains trying to recharge! Some people don’t know this, but I also love to bake, cook, sew, dance, sing, and get as close as I can to nature with my children.

Amanda Martinez
Customer Service Specialist

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I grew up in El Paso, Texas but have spent most of my life in Albuquerque. I have my associate’s in psychology and am working towards my bachelor’s.
While I do not have experience in the insurance industry, I do have great customer service skills. My associate’s degree in Psychology has taught me how to better serve individuals and their needs; with an empathetic and patient approach. The opportunity to help others and make a difference in people’s lives is what most excites me.
I love being a certified Zumba instructor; dancing with friends doesn’t EVER feel like a workout! Those close to me know that singing and music is my ultimate passion, I started singing J-Lo and Mariah Carey when I was only 5.
My family is the other half of my heart. Whenever I can, I spend my time making memories and trying new things with them. I coach girls’ youth soccer during the warmer months. My goal is to empower them and give them confidence in who they are and for their future.

Jacqueline Butt
Licensed Sales Producer

I’m new to the insurance industry, but not to the people industry. I’ve been working face-to-face with people for over 15 years. I am most excited about meeting new people. I believe a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. I know I will bring heart, efficiency, and integrity to every interaction.

I grew up in two of the most mysterious states; Alaska and New Mexico. In Alaska, I spent my time fishing, camping, snowmobiling, living the small-town life with my Dad and five other siblings. Later, I would be with my mom in New Mexico. Only she and myself living in the biggest city, Albuquerque. I grew up fast and became an adult before 16. When I’m not working, you’ll find me spending time with my family. I believe family is the most important thing and time spent says, “I love you!”

I love love love reading! I read at least two books a month. I love fiction; fantasy is my main genre. I also love leadership books. They are a mirror that everyone should take a look into. Cooking is one of my guiltiest pleasures! I’m a trained Chef; baking and pastry are my specialties. I’m an avid outdoorswoman, and my husband loves it. I also play online video games with my Alaskan family.

I’m passionate about helping those in my community. I believe those that do not have a voice should be helped. Some organizations that I like to support are New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA), a non-profit geared towards clean energy, and The Wildlife Fund, a non-profit dedicated to protecting nature and those animals living in nature.

Charlie Berger
Licensed Sales Producer

I grew up here in New Mexico, completing my early education in Rio Rancho. I attended the University of San Diego, obtaining a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering. Upon graduation, I was commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy. I proudly served for 6 years as a Naval Aviator (pilot), with the call sign “Disco.”

I have recently returned from an 8-month deployment aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln (the one in Top Gun Maverick), just 6 months before making the move from San Diego, CA, back home to NM to join The Berger Agency.

I have no first-hand experience in the insurance industry in regard to ‘front-line’ sales & service. However, Jalene (The Berger Agency owner) is my mother, so her office was my second home growing up; After school, I would do my homework at the agency, help her with organizational office tasks (I was on the payroll!), and even provide staff and customers with entertainment as the rambunctious little tot I was.

I am very excited to work with YOU, our customers. What makes me happy, is making others happy. Therefore, words cannot express the joy and fulfillment that getting to know you personally, providing you and your families with the protection and peace of mind you deserve, and joining the Rio Rancho / Albuquerque community will bring me. Come on by and say hello! I anxiously await our first interaction and our strong relationship thereafter.

Outside of the of the office, I enjoy golfing (well *trying* to golf), reading (well, *reading* the title of the shows I binge on Netflix), and spending time with my family.  My guiltiest pleasure is a relaxing night of cooking myself a delectable dinner, sitting down to watch a mindless Rom-Com, and listening to Frank Sinatra or some french coffee-house jazz in the bath tub. My new house does not have a bath tub, so you might just see me floating down the Rio Grande. You’ll also probably catch me talking about my fat old cat, ‘Chonky’ Norman, and my two rescue kittens, Villy & Thomas. Yes, I’m a crazy cat dad of 3, but there’s no such thing as normal, right? I swear I’m trustworthy.

If you want to find me, you can probably catch me at the gym, the driving range, country music concerts, or in the mountains skiing or glamping. I also love to travel, so who knows where you will find me next.

I am passionate about mental health in general, but more specifically, helping individuals and groups struggling with addiction. I intend to get involved with organizations that raise awareness, directly help, and provide support in regard to such issues. As it relates to insurance, I will foster this passion to help curb DWI in our state and beyond. Additionally, I am passionate about our veteran community and will be getting involved with New Mexico Veterans associations now that I am back home.

Barkley Gibson
Sales Associate

Although I’m originally from Albuquerque, I spent some of my childhood in Boston, Massachusetts.

What excites me most about working within the insurance industry is the ability to help others and make sure that the people we help are well taken care of! That’s what excites me and motivates me most about my role.

Outside of the office, I’m a huge sports fan but mainly a Baseball fan. GO Sox! I’m always up for a challenge too (Ex. Hot Chip Challenge, Da Bomb Wings). On the weekends you can usually find me at the batting cages or Golfing. I just love being outdoors.

Simon Duran
Licensed Sales Associate

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I joined the insurance industry in November 2020.

What excites me the most about the insurance industry is being able to truly help someone understand the importance of insurance and what it can do for them in those unfortunate times of need.

Outside of the office, I really enjoy anything outdoors. If the weather permits, you can often find me camping or fishing! I also very much love the time with my children and reading.