Feeding the Homeless Humanity33 is a local non-profit designed to meet the needs of the homeless community in New Mexico by providing relief to Albuquerque areas where few to no services exist. Our Vision, Our City Today We are laying the groundwork today to build a solid foundation for our non-profit, to ensure we have a maximum impact in the arena that we intend to operate. Acquiring the tools, the resources, and the talent to be highly successful! Tomorrow We will have the mobility to bring relief to the four corners of Albuquerque where the need is not currently being met. Humanity33 trucks will be recognized by all as a beacon of hope for those among us that are desperately in need of it! “Humanity for the Homeless” will be our call to action! The Future With an army of caring volunteers at our backs, and a clear mission ahead, we can effect incredible change in our midst! We can see a day in Albuquerque where no mouth goes unfed! Where the invisible among our society are seen again! Where a gesture of humanity is extended to all who long for it! We have partnered with local businesses around albuquerque to bring awareness around our mission. Join us at one of our many community events.

Albuquerque, NM

Phone: (505) 440-6995