Landlord Insurance

How Landlord Insurance Helps

Well over half a thousand people opt to become landlords in America every day. If own a property you wish to rent out you will need to investigate purchasing a good landlord insurance policy. This kind of insurance protects landlords from a wide variety of risks.

Owning a single-family home or a property that you wish to rent out full time means that a landlord insurance plan is often absolutely necessary since a typical homeowner’s policy will not cover you if you rent out to tenants. Also, keep in mind that you cannot purchase homeowners’ insurance if you do not reside in the home. And, should you want to convert your home into a rental property, you will be required to convert your homeowner policy into this type of policy.

A landlord policy safeguards the property owner from a myriad of financial problems stemming from such perils as income loss and damage resulting from such things as severe weather, theft, vandalism and more. For example, should some kind of flooding due to a broken water heater damage your property and force your tenants to seek temporary lodging, this policy will pay out for the damage and any rental income that is lost.

This coverage is less expensive than homeowner’s insurance and goes the extra mile by ensuring a continued flow of income after some kind of covered loss. It also safeguards the landlord from many forms of liability, enabling unequalled peace of mind.

Obtaining proper landlord insurance safeguards your property and helps protect your income. Contact your insurance professional to learn more about the policies you need to consider.